High efficiency for lawn tractors:
BluePower® under the engine hood

The use of BluePower technology for powerful lawn tractors is a major step towards the future. Not only are they more environmentally compatible, they are also simply better! They combine top performance with first-class energy efficiency and excellent emission ratings. The BluePower lawn tractors by WOLF-Garten are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art 2-cylinder motors. Optimally applied, OHV technology achieves a particularly efficient fuel combustion. It generates a smooth, even and quiet engine, that starts easily and does not harm the environment.

Excellent preconditions for a good environmental balance:

  • Reduction of evaporative emissions to approx. 51%. This helps protection the environment, keeps the fuel „fresh“ and saves money
    since the tank does not have to be refilled so often.
  • Reduced escape of volatile gasses result in better engine performance. Therefore the fuels keeps its quality even during longer downtimes.

The BluePower Monitor system
The BluePower Monitor reliably keeps you informed about all the service intervals headed your way. The system stores the operating hours and determines the important service deadlines accordingly. Detailed information regarding the BluePower Monitor system


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